5 New TV Shows Trending on Netflix This week

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If a TV Show is trending, then there must be a reason right? A lot of people won’t watch a movie or series without making sure that it’s popular. People do this to make sure that the movie or series is interesting and worth their time. If a lot of people enjoy it, why shouldn’t you? Here are some TV shows that are trending on Netflix right now.

TV Shows Trending on Netflix: Wednesday

Wednesday is a supernatural horror comedy Television series based on Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family. Smart, sarcastic and a little dead inside, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) investigates a murder spree which might involve her parents while making new friends and foes at Nevermore Academy.

This TV Show is currently #1 trending on Netflix and I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Wednesday. As someone who has watched this Series, it’s definitely worth your time.

TV Shows Trending on Netflix: Warrior Nun

If you aren’t familiar with Warrior Nun, Season 1 of the show aired in 2020 and the second season just aired this November and I would advise you to run to watch it. There is a reason it was the #1 TV series on Netflix for a while and it currently is still top 5 on the trending list. Warrior Nun begins with a young orphan who is sick and paralysized. She ends up dying but is resurrected when an Angel’s Halo is hidden in her body.

The Halo gives her unexplainable powers and even though she just wants to live her newly acquired life, she ends up caught in the battle between good and evil. Season 2 focuses on her defeating the original Halo-bearer after she accidentally frees him. It is even better than the first season and is definitely worth the watch.

TV Shows Trending on Netflix:1899

This is a new TV Show on Netflix which tells the story of Immigrants, who are a mixed bag of European origins, and how they are united on a steamship traveling from London to New York. The journey takes an unexpected turn when they discover another migrant ship adrift on the open sea.

The TV Show has eight episodes which are packed with riddles, mysteries and surprising twists which will leave you glued to your screen. 1899 is already on its way to breaking a record or two so it’s no surprise 1899 is one of top trending TV Shows on Netflix right now.

TV Shows Trending on Netflix: Blood, Sex & Royalty 

The Show offers a modern take on the British royal drama and a window into the lives of history’s deadliest, sexiest and most iconic monarchs.The show is about a woman called Anne Boleyn who would spend her teen years as a lady in waiting within the royal courts of France and England, get married to Henry VIII, and face execution for treason in 1536. Follow the tale of Anne Boleyn is this drama/docuseries about the lives of history’s most contentious monarchs.

TV Shows Trending on Netflix: Blood and Water

It is no surprise that Blood and Water is currently trending on Netflix, especially after the third season premiered this November,2022.  A Cape Town teen is convinced that a private-school swimming star is her sister who was abducted by birth after crossing paths with her at a party. Follow her story as she uncovers her family’s secret past and navigates the complicated world of a South African high school. 

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