5 Popular TV Series This November 2022

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A lot of people won’t watch a movie or series without making sure that it’s popular. People do this to make sure that the movie or series is interesting enough to a lot of people and worth their time. If a lot of people enjoy it then why shouldn’t you give it a try? Here are some popular TV series right now.


    If you don’t know this popular Tv series then you’ve definitely been living under a rock. Manifest is one of the Tv series a lot of people won’t stop raving about and Season 4 was just released. Manifest began with a plane containing 191 passengers mysteriously disappearing for years and appearing back. The world is shocked as the passengers were presumed dead but are back without a scratch. The passengers try to continue with their lives which proves difficult as they realize that things will never go back to the way they were. You can watch the series on Netflix. 

2.Warrior Nun

     Season 1 of Warrior Nun aired in 2020 and the second season just aired this November and I would advise you to run to watch it. Warrior Nun begins with a young orphan who is sick and paralysized. She ends up dying but is resurrected when an Angel’s Halo is hidden in her body. The Halo gives her unexplainable powers and even though she just wants to live her newly acquired life, she ends up caught in the battle between good and evil. Season 2 focuses on her defeating the original Halo-bearer after she accidentally frees him.  Watch Warrior Nun on Netflix.

3.From Scratch

    A lot of people also seem to love this tragic Romance Tv Series which is about an American student who goes to Italy to study. While in Italy she meets a man, Lino and they begin to take interest in one another. She falls in love with the Sicillian chef but there is trouble in paradise when Lino faces some health issues. Watch From Scratch on Netflix.

4. DC Titans

     If you are not familiar with DC then you’ve been living in space. If you loved Teen Titans Go as a child then this should interest you as an Adult. DC Titans just released Season 4 this November and I was very excited so if you’ve never watched this series, this is your time to binge-watch it. DC Titans is about young heroes finding where they belong and coming together to defeat evil. We have Starfire, Robin, Nightwing, Rachel/Raven, Beastboy, Superboy  and so many others. Even Batman and the Joker make several appearances in DC Titans. Watch DC Titans on HBOmax. 

5. Young Royals

     Young Royals has been gaining a lot of popularity these past weeks which is why it is on this list. Young Royals just dropped season 2 and it is still trending on Netflix. Young Royals is a Swedish teen gay romance series about a Swedish Prince Wilhelm who is sent to an Elite Boarding school. Wilhelm starts to catch feelings for another male student and like any teen series, the drama begins to unfold. Watch Young Royals on Netflix.

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