Alexander and Bill Skarsgård are both in the running to play Lex Luthor in “Superman: Legacy”

Things have been very busy for James Gunn and the new DCU, specifically the castings surrounding Superman: Legacy. We’ve been hearing lots of updates about how the live screen tests were carried out but now there’s a new development for who will possibly play the iconic role of Lex Luthor.

Alexander and Bill Skarsgård are now both looking to bag the role. Honestly, any one of the two brothers would be perfect for the role, as they are both great actors and can pull off the Lex Luthor look. But going by what James Gunn is doing with the new DCU reboot, whoever plays Lex needs to be relatively young. 

Alexander is 46, which would almost automatically rule him out since he will literally be 56 in ten years, which would probably affect his longevity in terms of how long he can play Lex for. Lex is an undying character that plays deep into the DC universe and serves as one of Superman, and the Justice League’s biggest threats. Bill on the other hand is 32. His relatively being that young gives him much more years of portraying Lex than his brother would. And personally, he’s my top voice to play the role.

Alexander has been in movies like The Legend of Tarzan, Battleship, and series like Succession and Big Little Lies. Bill is well known for his performances in the “IT” horror movie franchise, Allegiant, Barbarian, and more recently John Wick 4. Either one of these brothers has what it takes to play this role brilliantly but there can only be one. And it’s interesting to see two brothers going at it for the same role. 

Time will tell who and who has been cast in the movie, as we draw closer and closer to when these castings will be released.  Who do you want to see take on the Lex Luthor role?