Blue Beetle’s director shares an image on Twitter of Blue Beetle and Superman: it could be more than harmless

Angel Manuel Soto, the director of Blue Beetle has been really active in terms of the Blue Beetle movie’s promotion. But he just recently shared an image of Superman and Blue Beetle that could signify a cameo scene from the man of steel himself.

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He could have posted this just to celebrate the comments James Gunn (The head of the DCU) made in an interview about Blue Beetle being the first official character in the DCU. It’s a really big deal for everyone involved with Blue Beetle. It means we’ll be seeing him again.

Or he could have posted this to tease a Superman cameo in the movie. Although the chances of that happening are very slim. The actor Superman for the new DCU has not been cast yet, and it might get news as soon as a month from now or it could take multiple months. The process is steadily moving, as James Gunn is deep into the casting and going through the actors to pick the best amongst them who will do this great character justice. 

If things move along fast enough, they might be able to add a cameo scene. Again, it’s a long stretch and a big ask, but the possibility is always there. And Blue Beetle being part of the DCU also means we will see him in other projects, and Superman: Legacy cameo wouldn’t be bad either.

Blue Beetle releases on the 16th of August this year. Keep checking this space for more about Superman: Legacy castings and DCU castings in general. It’s an exciting time to be a DC fan.