Breaking: Industry exec says that the next James Bond “won’t be white”

Social media is in a frenzy right now, as word just dropped with regards to the future of 007: in the light of a very long search for the next James Bond actor that has lasted for a while.

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An industry executive has now said that the next James Bond “won’t be white”. He didn’t say “he might not be white”, or “White actors are not the only actors we’re considering.” He flat out said that he won’t be a white person. This has caused a lot of outrage, especially from English people, on social media.

Some people want movies to start producing original characters with original plots instead of swapping the races of a couple of these characters. Some are happy about the change and would love the idea of seeing a black or brown actor take on the role of our beloved 007. 

The hunt for the next James Bond after Daniel Craig, has been tiring and filled with rumours of all sorts. There were a couple of actors that were front runners. They include Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, and a couple of more actors. Left to me, Henry is the best man for the job. He can emulate that 007 feel, he’s just too good at what he does.

As time goes on we will officially find out new developments about the future of 007: James Bond.