DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran teases Jason Momoa (Aquaman) being recast as Lobo in the new DCU

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In a recent interview with Men’s Health focused on Jason Momoa Peter Safran speaks highly of Jason’s character as someone he’s worked with for a while, and also hints at him possibly being recast as Lobo in the new DCU. 

Peter Safran produced both Aquaman movies, including the one coming out later this year, so he had a lot to say about Jason:

“What you see is what you get with Jason. I have been working with him for six or seven years, and I keep waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. If there is an inner asshole in him, it has never come out. That, to me, is a surprise . . . albeit a very pleasant one.”

He also addresses the notion that he might play two characters, being Aquaman and Lobo:

“Jason always thought Aquaman was a trilogy in his own mind. But he also loves Lobo. He’s been very clear about that, too. He’s never gonna play two characters, but no decision has been made.”

So, he confirms what a lot of us thought to begin with, no actor can play two live-action characters in the same comic book universe. Some fans might have been misled by Jason Momoa’s words a few months ago when he said he had “really good news” and that he’ll “always be Aquaman”. So, it’s either one or the other. My money’s on Lobo, he’s perfect for the role, and has the skill and personality to project Lobo’s character. 

Peter Safran also said he would love to keep working with Jason Momoa for many more years, long past these Aquaman movies they’ve worked on together:

“I look forward to working with Jason for many years to come. I would be happy for it to be in Arthur Curry’s world, but if/when another opportunity comes up, I’d find another great character for him to create.” 

We can’t say when we will get to hear more news about Jason’s potential (highly likely) recasting in the DCU but we should get something in the next couple of months if we’re lucky.