Dwayne Johnson finally confirms that his beef with Vin Diesel is a thing of the past

After years of beef between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel that started on set, Dwayne has come out to say that they have finally put the beef behind them.

A few months ago, we heard talk that Dwayne Johnson would be returning to play Hobbs in Fast X, and a lot of people were wondering if they had finally settled the beef or if Dwayne just came back because he wanted to or had a good deal from Universal. Vin Diesel released a very lengthy post on Instagram last year, apologizing and asking Dwayne to come back to the franchise. An apology that fell on deaf ears as Dwayne called it manipulative.

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In the lengthy tweet Dwayne released today, he says that he and Vin had met last year and had sorted things out, and put the beef behind them:

“Last summer Vin and I put all the past behind us. We’ll lead with brotherhood and resolve – and always take care of the franchise, characters & FANS that we love.”

It’s great to see two of the biggest actors in Hollywood back on good terms again. Together, they make some of the greatest content a fan can ask for. The family is finally fully reunited and it is absolutely wonderful to see. Dwayne also has a new Fast & Furious movie coming that will serve as a bridge between Fast X and Fast X: Part 2. It is not a Hobbs and Shaw sequel, we might see Shaw in it but it’s not about him. 

Hobbs will be teaming up with a particular Fast family character. Who the person is hasn’t been revealed yet, but time will tell. It’s about time Hobbs got back behind the wheel. In his words:

“Daddy’s gotta go to work.”