Dwayne Johnson is now set to reprise his role in a new “Fast and Furious” movie but it is not a “Hobbs & Shaw” sequel

Fast & Furious is one of the most successful movie franchises that the world of cinema has ever known. With an impressive $7 billion made in profit and counting, it has definitely solidified its legacy in the movie industry. As far as how it will end, we still have to wait for Fast X: part 2, and part 3.

Hobbs’ reintroduction at the end of Fast X brought in so many positive reactions from the fans, and now they are capitalizing on that and bringing us a new Fast & Furious movie that will focus on Hobbs and one other fan-favorite character, but it’s not Shaw. The new movie, as confirmed by Dwayne himself, will serve as a bridge between Fast X and Fast X: Part 2. 

Fast X is doing fantastic at the box office right now, bringing in the 2nd highest movie grossing of the year with over $318 million being made in its first opening weekend. It’s been a successful release for the movie, even though it has taken a bit of a large drop in earnings compared to its first week, but it’s still pushing forward. So, it makes sense for them to do another Hobbs movie. With how successful Hobbs & Shaw was, why not? Dwayne Johnson is must-see-TV no matter whatever the movie drama he’s caught up in. 

Some people say he’s a bit egotistical and has too much say in the movies that he plays (I’m one of those people) but regardless of that he’s a great actor, and this new movie will be a good business decision for them, while we wait for Part 2 of Fast X. 

It’s great to have Hobbs back, in fact, it’s great to have the whole family back, for how long we have them all, we don’t know but we’re gonna cherish every moment.

Fast Ten your seatbelts folks, things are really now just getting started.