Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie premiered at CinemaCon yesterday and the reviews, and excitement are through the roof

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The hype around The Flash movie has been building up for a while, although Ezra Miller’s actions looked to possibly haunt the release of the film. The movie had a screening at CinemaCon and it looks like James Gunn was telling nothing but the truth when he said it was one of the greatest superhero movies ever.

A new trailer and a couple of new great posters were also released and we got more insight into what we could expect from the movie. 

As most comic book fans already knew, the movie is mainly about how Barry uses the speedforce to go back in time to save his mother, and in turn, save his father too (he was convicted as the killer of his wife, Barry’s mother). But as most of us know, if you’ve watched any movie or show that has displayed anything about time travel (especially to the past), whenever you alter something in the past, no matter how little you think it is, it changes everything. Literally everything. And that’s what happens when Barry goes back in time. The movie will focus on all the ups and downs Barry, Kara, and the two Bruces have to go through to save the timeline and return it to its original path.

We get to see shots of Michael Keaton’s, and Ben Affleck’s Batman as they both don the batsuit as Batman from different times. Supergirl (Sasha Calle) looks like an unstoppable force, unfortunately, because Barry changed the timeline General Zod is now still alive instead of originally being dead at the hands of Superman from the Man of Steel movie. And Supergirl has to be the one to take him head-on with his army of Kryptonians. 

I thought the movie was going to be great, but with the reviews and high praise from literally almost everyone that saw the movie at CinemaCon, we can expect it to be mind-blowing. And don’t forget, this movie acts as the reset button that signals the end of the DCEU and the beginning and rise of the new DCU led by James Gunn and Peter Safran.

As much as I dislike Ezra Miller, and think he has nothing similar to the Flash I grew up watching and reading, it looks like he pulled one out of the all-time vault of great performances and put on a show for us with this one. I will definitely be seated when The Flash drops and you should too.