Grown-ish is back for its final season and it looks to go out with a bang

Season 6 of Grown-ish is on the way, and the first trailer for the final season dropped yesterday. If you haven’t been following up on Grown-ish, you need to start now because the final season looks to bring all the fun, drama, and comedy you can imagine.


Season 6 follows some members of the original Grown-ish group of friends as well as the new group, as Andre (Junior) celebrates completing two semesters of College with his dad but he still doesn’t have a major, and he is stuck at a crossroads contemplating what he wants to do with his life. This is also while he and Annika seem to be having problems Zoe and Aaron seem to be making a conscious effort to make their relationship work. Doug meets a new guest star (Latto) he falls for.  We don’t see much about Kiella, Zaara, Lauryn, and Zeke but I’m sure we’ll see more of them as the season goes on.

It would be great to see original members of the show like Sky, Jazz, Luka, Ana, Nomi, and Vivec. There’s no way they end the final season without at least showing all of them at least once. Season 6 is also bringing out all the stars as far as their guest star list is concerned. We’re going to see NLE Choppa, Latto, Lil Yachty, Omarion, Kelly Rowland, Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals.

You don’t want to miss out on the final season of Grown-ish when it drops on the 28th of June, in a little less than a week’s time. It’s big, it’s fun, and it’s full of drama. You can catch new episodes of Grown-is every week on Hulu.