Hawkgirl, Guy Gardener (Green Lantern), and Mr. Terrific have been cast in Superman: Legacy and you’re not going to believe these castings

When James Gunn announced and confirmed the castings for Superman and Lois in the new DCU, the DC Universe/comic book fan base was as riled up and excited as you can imagine but now we have some more insane news about the Superman: Legacy movie. 

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Things seem to be moving along quite nicely as far as the plans for the movie go, but I didn’t expect them to move this fast. I don’t think anybody did, but I can’t complain because James Gunn is stirring up something massive for us all come July 2025. Speaking of massive, Nathan Fillion has been cast as Guy Gardener in Superman: Legacy. “The Rookie” actor will don the iconic Green Lantern Corps suit and will be the first official Green Lantern we see in the DCU. 

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I personally can’t wait, Nathan Fillion is a great actor, the man deserves all his flowers and he can definitely pull off Guy’s interesting character. But I do have one concern, he’s 52 years old. Guy is not a young character himself but he’s not even 40 yet, and from the looks of things it looks like the DCU, even though it’s a universe in which heroes are already established, is still a slightly young universe. Nathan being 52 might not allow him to continue to play Guy for another five to ten years. We’ll see how things progress on that front.

Edi Gathegi has also been cast as Mr. Terrific. The Twilight actor might just be the perfect casting for the role. He’s also recently been nominated for the 2023 HCA TV Awards for Best Supporting Actor. Comic book fans are pretty familiar with Mr. Terrific, and fans of the CW’s Green Lantern should know him a bit too. He has no superpowers but is one of the smartest people on the planet and has created technology that gives him all he needs to be able to stand beside and behind his fellow superheroes. He’s an interesting character that is important to the DC Universe.

And last but not least, Isabella Merced has been cast as Hawkgirl. Now, this a very interesting casting because as far as I know, Hawkgirl is a tall, and powerful Thanagarian warrior that can go punch for punch with some of the most powerful villains in all of the DC Universe. 

I love Isabella Merced, she’s a great actor, and I would watch anything she’s in without giving it a second thought but she’s about 5 ‘1? Hawkgirl is at least 5’10 – 6 feet. That’s the only problem I have with this casting. Unless she’s going to be a younger version of Hawkgirl, I’m not sure how this is going to play out seeing that she’s at least 8 inches shorter than what is expected of a Hawkgirl girl actor. 

But apart from that it’s a good casting and I can’t wait to see what James Gunn has in store for us. The man isn’t playing around. Superman: Legacy is exactly two years from now and it might be the most anticipated comic book movie right now. 

There are more castings to come and as the weeks and months roll on we will hear more and more of them. What do you think about these castings? Comment down below.