iCarly is back with season 3 and they are finally giving us what we’ve been waiting for 10 plus years

Paramount’s iCarly reboot has brought back so many nostalgic memories and pure silly fun since its release. Although they are much older now, iCarly remains iCarly, except that Sam isn’t part of the reboot, sadly. Hopefully, we get to see her soon, and not just for a cameo role but to stay. However, the show is still as comedic to watch as it’s ever been. 

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Well, they have decided to grace us with season 3. A season that might go down as possibly its best to date, if they get it right. The newly released trailer for the hit comedy show teases a look into something we all wanted to see back then when they were kids, and even now as adults – CREDDIE! It looks like we are going to finally get to see Carly and Freddie in a proper relationship. They dated briefly in season 3 of the old iCarly but that was because Freddie saved her life, and he thought she was more in love with his heroics rather than had feelings for him.

You know what they say; “Better late than never.” We also have to commend Paramount+ for playing to the wants of the fans. The trailer shows Carly trying to be happy for Freddie and Pearl who are in a great relationship, but Harper then asks her about how she feels, because if you want something you have to go get it. Freddie also proposes to Carly live on their show, which Pearl sees and is not too happy about, as you would expect.

Josh from Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh, who is now their manager, sees this love Triangle as an opportunity for the show to blow up. Freddie looks to keep things in the friend zone with Carly as he already has something good going with Pearl but we all know he won’t be able to deny his feelings for long. Eventually, they will probably get together, and Pearl will get her heart broken. But what is a little heartbreak when it’s in the way of Creddie? Sorry, Pearl, you just have to clear the floor for them, you’re in the way.

I’m excited to see how it all plays out, and how Millicent reacts to the relationship. iCarly releases on Paramount+ on July 1st.