Idris Elba is bringing all the heat in Apple TV’s new “Hijack” series

Idris Elba is back with some more thriller action in his new project with Apple TV with his new series – Hijack.

The series follows Sam Nelson (Idris Elba) who is one of the 200 other people on a plane that was hijacked by a handful of ghosts (people whose identities don’t exist in the database). It’s a 7-hour flight from Dubai to London, and these people have requests that must be met, and if they’re not met the consequences will be dire. What they don’t know is that Nelson is an accomplished negotiator in the business industry. It is now up to him to do his best to negotiate with these criminals while buying him and the other passengers time to work out a plan to retake control of the plane.

The series looks as “edge-of-your-seat” as it can get, and the nerve-wracking nature of the plot looks to keep your eyes glued to the show. The show stars Archie Panjabi, Neil Maskell, Eve Myles, Christine Adams, Max Beesley, Kate Phillips, Ben Miles, and more.

Apple TV has been rolling out amazing content, especially in the series department. Series like Foundation, Silo, Severance, Swagger, and many more. Hijack is simply going to be one of their latest additions to the long line of great series.

Hijack will be available to stream on the 28th of June on Apple TV (of course).