James Gunn just confirmed that at least one Guardians of the Galaxy actor will star in Superman: Legacy

It is not news that directors love to work with actors they have worked with in the past or present, and James Gunn has always said that if an actor fits the role he will not hesitate to bring them to the new DCU from Marvel.

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Well, in a Q&A session, he had with fans on Twitter about an hour ago, a fan asked if any of the actors from Guardians of the Galaxy will star in his upcoming Superman: Legacy movie, and he replied with one word; “Yes”. This is really big, and exciting news for the movie. 

It will be interesting to see which one of the actors it’s going to be and what character they are playing. My guess is either Pom Klementiff who plays Mantis, or Karen Gillan who plays Nebula. Both could probably play Lois, but Karen expressed her wishes to play Poison Ivy a few days ago. It’s honestly hard to tell but we will hear more as things develop with the movie.

I know one thing for sure is that it can’t be Chris Pratt as Superman. It would literally break the internet.