James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy script will not face any delays or setbacks amid the Writers Guild strike

It was officially announced a few days ago that writers associated with the Writers Guild of America were going on strike. Of course, the main, if not the only, reason for the strike is the problem of how much these writers are paid by big productions and movie franchises in relation to how much these movies, and series, among others earn. These companies include Walt Disney Co., Warner Bros., Netflix, Amazon, and Apple.

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This strike has been building up to take off for weeks now and finally started a few days ago. Multiple shows, series, and movies have been affected by this strike. Tv Comedy shows like Saturday Night Live, among many others, have been temporarily canceled. Pete Davidson was supposed to make his return to the show but because of the strike, he won’t be able to. No one knows how long this strike will go on, but hopefully not for long.

However, James Gunn who is the Co-head of DC Studios, and the writer and director for the Superman: Legacy movie that will usher in the new DCU submitted the first draft of the movie’s script last week. It’s almost like he knew the strike was coming and knew to submit it before then. Thanks to this the Superman: Legacy movie script will not be affected by the strike. I doubt changes will be able to be made to the script or more drafts will be able to be made, but if they want to go ahead with this first draft then the production can go on regardless of how long the strike goes on.

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Superman: Legacy is set to release in July 2025, and will begin production in 2024. Casting for the movie is also ongoing right now, and we’ve been hearing some interesting things surrounding that. Interesting rumors I will cover in other articles, so be on the lookout for those.

Like a wise man once said:

“In James Gunn we trust.”