Kevin Feige praises James Gunn, but it could mean much more for the future

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While talking about the future of Marvel and movies in the works, like Spiderman 4 and Deadpool, Kevin Feige had some words to say about the DCU that James Gunn is building. It is common knowledge that they are both good friends, as Kevin was one of the many people who congratulated and supported James Gunn when the news broke that he was taking over at DC studios, alongside Peter Safran.

Kevin, just like many of us, loved Superman, the comics, and movies, and he loves the fact that it will be James who brings this amazing character, that has inspired many generations, to life. This is what he said;

“I had Superman posters all over my walls in my childhood bedroom and I went to work for the Donners because of ‘Superman’. The notion of those characters being in such good hands with James is exciting, and it’s very cool.”

For those who know, Kevin Feige is one of the major reasons for Marvel’s success over the years. So, hearing him say this is a good sign, a great one in fact. But it could possibly bear more significance than you think.

James Gunn and Kevin Feige are good friends, and they work well together. With both of them showing support for each other’s work in their respective universes could mean that we could someday see a much-anticipated crossover between the DCU, and the MCU. Think of just how massive that would be for the superhero universe. It would break the world and the box office. Record numbers flying around.

The DCU and MCU are home to the most popular and most loved superheroes of all time, Superman and Spiderman. We’ve already seen comics about both of them taking each other on in a fight (although I don’t know why Supes doesn’t just pick him up and rip him in half). But it’s not just a Superman and Spidey crossover that we’re talking about, it could be the whole universe. The Avengers and the Justice League. It could be epic, and it all starts with just how well James Gunn and Kevin Feige work their relationship with each other and their respective universes.

The future of the DCU is bright but a possible crossover with the MCU in the future (far or near) could absolutely destroy the box office, and run the cinematic universe. All we have to do is keep our fingers crossed and see how it all unfolds. 

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