Mason Thames and Nico Parker have been cast as Hiccup and Astrid in Universal’s live-action “How To Train Your Dragon” movie

Universal’s live-action adaptation of How To Train Your Dragon brings about Dean DeBlois’s directing debut. He is not only the director of the movie but also the writer of the script. And now we have our very first castings for the movie and no less two of the most important characters in the movie.

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Mason Thames and Nico Parker have been cast as Hiccup and Astrid respectively for the upcoming movie. Mason, who is a 15-year-old upcoming actor who starred in HBO’s The Black Phone, was chosen because of his age, stature, and potential, as he can properly grow into the role over the course of a few other movie installments. That is if the movie does well enough for a sequel to be considered, that is.

Nico Parker is known for her most recent work in The Last Of Us’s live-action adaptation where she played Joel’s daughter. She is only 18 herself and will be able to grow into her role as Astrid just like Mason Thames. It will be interesting to see what kind of chemistry brews between both of them.

The movie will be based on Cressida Cowell’s How To Train Your Dragon book. Hiccup is a young, unheroic, and relatively weak boy who finds an injured dragon who he calls Toothless, nurtures him back to health, and creates a strong bond with him. This leads to him ultimately wanting to bridge the gap and fear between humans and dragons, while dealing with the death of his mother, and finding love.

Universal has set the movie release date for the 14th of March 2025. Stay tuned for more news on future castings. Comment down below: what do you think of the castings?