Netflix is now set to release all 4 seasons of Ben 10 in June

The one thing Gen Z had as little kids and while growing up was an unlimited amount of elite cartoons and animations, something kids today don’t have, and kids before didn’t have either. From cartoons like Bakugan, Generator Rex, Samurai Jack, The Secret Saturdays, Young Justice, and Total Drama Island, to name a very tiny few. Not to talk of other live-action shows and Cartoons on Disney, Nickelodeon, Boomerang, kids Co. We Had It All!

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Well, now Netflix is bringing back arguably one of the best cartoons of all time… Ben 10! Even when I never knew the exact lyrics to the theme song, I was always mumbling the words, and humming to the song. I can’t count how many of my friends in school, and people around the world in general, had a Ben 10 watch in whatever form, or the full Ben 10 costume when they were going to parties. It had a great plot and it kept us kids excited.

I am unashamed and glad to tell you that even now as adults we still love Ben 10. Twitter is erupting in joy right now at the news of Netflix bringing it back, and no we’re not kids. The nostalgia is real, and I’ll tell you something…I will be watching! You can too on June 5th. 

Ben 10 was and Is a classic, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re 12 or 32, you’re still going to love it.