Netflix’s live-action One Piece is coming! Here’s the first official trailer for the series.

A lot of anime fans around the world have been waiting for this one, and Netflix finally delivered. The news about a live-action One Piece series broke the internet. Some even thought it was fake news. Well, think no further, IT. IS. HERE!

The series will see Iñaki Godoy play Monkey D. Luffi, Emily Rudd play Nami, Mackenyu plays Roronoa Zoro, Taz Skylar plays Vinsmoke Sanji, Peter Gadiot as Shanks, and Jacob Gibson as Usopp. 

For new fans who have never seen the One Piece anime, One Piece follows Monkey D. Luffy as he gathers up a crew to follow him on his quest to find the greatest pirate treasure that has ever existed: The One Piece. He also strives to become the Pirate King while he’s at it.

The series is coming sooner than you think, with a release date set for August 31. One Piece will be Netflix’s first anime live-action adaptation and it looks on track to be a great series. One Piece has a massive fan base and the anime series is still ongoing. So, without a doubt, the numbers are going to pour in on Netflix come August. Hopefully, the show lives up to the hype and expectations that fans have given it.