Outer Banks Season 3 was everything we hoped for and much more

P4L y’all, P4L! I doubt there’s anyone who has come this far, to season 3, who isn’t a pogue. You can’t help but love them. Of course, they do some crazy stuff and make some dumb mistakes, but we love them anyway. 

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Netflix recently released Season 3 of Outer Banks but before that, there was the unveiling of Poguelandia, I wish I could’ve .een there. Well, as all things OBX go, it was nothing short of amazing. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of fans turned out for the insane experience. I mean, what do you expect from one of Netflix’s best shows? Fans got to meet the whole cast, Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Rudy Pankow, Carlacia Grant, Jonathan Davis, Madison Bailey, and so many more. There were performances by multiple artists. It was a blast, they made all of us watching at home crazy jealous. 

Let’s get into a little Season 3 summary. 

First off, I personally thought that they would be stuck on the island for a while but they were able to get out of there fast (well, that’s if you consider a month “fast”). But it turned out to be a planned rescue. More like planned kidnapping. The pogues figure it out and try to ditch the seaplane they were onboard. Kiara gets captured in the process of trying to save the pilot (all I’m saying is – Ki, you’re better than me, lol). We get introduced to Singh, the big bad boss in Barbados, the island they just crash-landed on.

The pogues plan a way to get her out but they didn’t consider a lot of factors and failed wonderfully. Meanwhile, Rafe had also come to Barbados looking for who to sell the cross to. He and Kiara meet at Singh’s place and end up being stuck there till Kiara tells Singh where Denmark Tanny’s diary was. One thing leads to another and they all find a way to get out of Barbados, but John B stays back to find his long-lost father, Big John.


Now, we know there’s a new mystery to solve, and it’s the big one this time; Eldorado: the city of gold. John. b and his father set off to look for clues to solve the mystery and find Eldorado, while the rest of the pogues go home to face their families and what’s next for them. Kiara’s parents are so annoying, but I understand them a little. Imagine not knowing where your child is for months, but they could learn a thing or two from Pope’s parents. 

Rafe steals the cross from Ward, who intended to give it to a museum as a gift (a cross he stole, smh). Rafe, as the idiot we know him to be, melts down the priceless cross of Santa Domingo, and starts to sell it off in little chunks. John and his dad start to put all the pieces of the mystery together. His dad, on the other hand, wants him to keep Sarah and his friends out of it, which leads to him and Sarah having a little argument. Sarah is now homeless and penniless but is saved by Topper (of course, it just had to be Topper). She eventually follows him to a kook beach hang out where she kisses him. All the Feelings John. b would have felt in that moment, I promise you, I felt them too. 

Meanwhile, John and His dad are busy breaking into a museum looking for the second piece of the Gnomon, which they find. Back on the Island things are getting hot between Pope and Cleo (lmao, “no love club”. That didn’t last for long). Jiara (JJ and Kiara) are at a rocky stage in their “situationship” as a result of Pope walking in on them about to kiss, and the fact that Ki’s parents don’t like the pogues, especially JJ, doesn’t help. 

Pope goes back to school but he has a lot to catch up on and he just can’t get himself to focus. He starts to put all the pieces of the mystery together during class. Connecting the Gold, the ship, Eldorado, and the cross. Now, while John. B and Big John went to see an old mentor of Big John’s, to translate the Gnomon, the mentor is killed and big John is captured by Singh (along with the Gnomon) and taken to South America to find Eldorado. Sarah tells John. B that she cheated on him and he calls things off with her. Topper tried to be his asshole self and got knocked out by John but he kept hitting him. Topper presses charges the next day and John. B gets arrested eventually, after a series of stupid decisions and actions.

The problem is, the pogues have to find a way to get to South America to find Big John. The only person left that knew where to find Eldorado was the last member of the expedition party that Big John’s friend and mentor were a part of. They find him and get the information they need to get to the town where Eldorado is located. Meanwhile, Rafe tried to have his father killed for coming back to Obx to take over the company because of Rafe’s incompetence. He regrets his actions and saves his life. 

Sarah’s dad gives her and the pogues permission to use his plane to get to South America. The pogues are ready to leave for South America but Ki is nowhere to be found. They didn’t know her parents had bundled her off to some camp to help “rehabilitate” her. JJ does JJ things and busts her out and the pogues are on their way. But not after Topper sees Sarah with John. B after promising that John would disappear and she would stay back with him in exchange for him dropping the charges. He calls the cops and he presses those charges again. They all leave for South America but JJ and Kiara use a different plane to get there, a plane involved in a lot of illegal sales. 

They all get to South America and John. B, Sarah, Pope, and Cleo make out a plan to rescue his dad and also find Eldorado. They manage the first part alright, but still, have to get to the Temalacatl before sundown. Ward goes with them to help but Singh is hot on their tracks and he is one angry man. JJ and Kiara somehow meet up with Pope and Cleo, and together they all start to make their way to the Temalactl. John. B, Sarah, and Big John get there just in time and are able to gather all the necessary information but are intercepted by Singh and his man who Ward had struck a deal and informed him of their whereabouts. 

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To save John. B, a shootout begins and Big John gets hit. Sarah, Big John, and John B make it out and head to Eldorado. They find it and John and Sarah locate Eldorado which looked every bit as beautiful as anyone would think. They load up some gold and get back to the opening of the cave and find Singh who holds them captive in order to get Big John’s attention. Big John surprises him and blows up the entrance to Eldorado and Singh himself. Ward intercepts them on their way out and tries to kill Big John and/or John. B, but is talked out of it.

Ward ends up dying to save Sarah, and Big John dies from the bullet wound he sustained from Singh. But the best part for me is the fact that the pogues finally won. It was so satisfying, after everything they’ve been through these past seasons, to see them win. They became the heroes of Obx and probably turned full-kook too. 

From the very first season to where it is now, the pogues have taken us on this insanely exciting journey and it finally came to an end. Some very important people were lost but in the end, they are all fine (at least I hope they will be).

We also got a little teaser about what Season 4 is going to look like. My fellow pogues go grab your gear, we’re going to find out what happened with Blackbeard and his ship.

We have to wait, at the very least, another year for a new season and it hurts but we can’t help it. We can only cross our fingers and wait to see what this Blackbeard arc has in store for us.

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