Peacock’s new series Mrs. Davies combines Sci-Fi, Action, Drama, and Comedy to make one entertaining show

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Peacock is on a roll this year with the amount of top-tier content it’s been pouring out of its platform, and Mrs. Davies is another great addition to that streak.

Mrs. Davies is produced by Warner Bros. Television and stars lots of talented actors and actresses like Betty Gilpin, Jake McDorman, Margo Martindale, Andy McQueen, Ben Chaplin, and many more. The series follows a nun (Simone) who decides to go up against an A. I (Mrs. Davies) that has taken over the world. There’s one problem though – she has to find Mrs. Davies. From the trailer, you can tell that it’s going to be a fun watch and an action-packed one at that. 

Mrs. Davies joins other new shows like The Night Agent, The Last of Us, The Citadel, and a few others, as possibly one of the best new shows out there. The trailers were very captivating and intriguing without giving too much away, leaving us with a lot to desire from the series. I am personally excited to see this one. Betty Gilpin is a great actress and it looks like she gave it her all on this project. It is also nice to see Andy McQueen, again, he recently just starred as the final villain during the third season of Netflix’s hit show Outer Banks, and I can say that he definitely understood the assignment.

Mrs. Davies will be released exclusively on Peacock on the 20th of April. Mark your calendars folks, Mrs. Davies is about to take over the world (thankfully not our world). 

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