“Praise This” might just be one of the most entertaining dramedy movies of the year

Peacock TV has been doing great this year with the release of Bel-Air season 2, and now they are spicing things up even more with their new drama/comedy movie, Praise This.

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Starring Chloe Bailey, Tristan Wilds, Anjelika Washington, Quavo, Druski, and many more, Praise This follows Sam (Chloe Bailey) as she moves to Atlanta to stay with her Cousin Jess. Jess introduces her to her church’s choir, a group that is trying to make a name for itself at a church-based singing competition. Praise This gives us an in-depth look at all that Sam, Jess, and the group go through to get to the top. 

There is a lot of anticipation and positivity from the fans toward this movie. The movie can guarantee you lots of laughter, and more than enough drama. This is the first mainstream project we have seen Chloe Bailey in since Grown-ish, and she looks like she is going to kill it with her role as Sam in this movie. 


You might also recognize some other popular names, like Quavo and Druski. Personally, I was shocked to see Druski in this, but it only means more comedy. Anjelika has starred in a couple of movies and series, like Tall Girl, and Stargirl. She’s a great actor and she’s particularly entertaining to watch in Praise This. All things considered, this movie might be one of the best dramedy movies of the year, and you don’t want to miss this.

Praise This will be streaming exclusively on Peacock on the 7th of April next month. Set the date folks, this is going to be fun.

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