Top 5 Romance Movies to watch on Netflix in 2022

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It is an unspoken law that you can never really go wrong with a good romance movie (except for the awful cliche ones where you can tell what’s going to happen from the start). Netflix has lots and lots of romance movies to select from, but those common on the app know, for a fact, that sometimes it is quite hard selecting what to watch on the platform.

We’re going to take a look at some of the best romance movies you would love to watch right now.

1. Entergalactic

Entergalactic follows an artist, Jabari, who just got a job at a top Art org to turn his street art character into a real comic book character. He randomly encounters his ex-girlfriend and she looks to re-ignite the flame they once had. Jabari has a new neighbor living in the same building complex and has quite an awkward encounter with her when she hosts a midnight party that has music booming all over the building. When he sets his eyes on her, nothing was ever the same. But his ex, knowingly or unknowingly, might be the downfall of his newfound love.

2. Look both ways

This highly captivating movie, starring Lily Reinhart, gives you the chance to explore what the results of one particular scenario, going different ways, would result in. Two different results of Natalie’s pregnancy test, in two parallel realities, lead to different lives. One, the life she always imagined for herself, setting out to California to pursue her dream of being an artist. And the other, where her dreams were crushed by her positive pregnancy results, forcing her to stay home in Texas to raise her baby along with the father. She encounters lots of difficulties in her pregnant reality while in her parallel reality it appears that she keeps thriving. The two realities could not be any different from themselves as they are, but two roads can lead to the same destination.

3. Purple Hearts

A small-scale singer in a band, Cassie, who works at a bar runs into a friend, Frankie,  who she once used to babysit. He is now enrolled in the military and brought friends over for drinks at the bar. A particular friend, Luke, decided to take his chances and shoot his shot at her while being encouraged by his friends (who were consistently rude to her). His efforts were to no avail. It turns out that they do not like each other. Cassie has diabetes, and she is struggling to pay for her medication. She finds out that wives of military personnel have access to multiple privileges, which include healthcare that would cover her diabetes treatment. She voices her plan to Frankie about an arranged marriage that would allow her to cover her medication but Luke warns her of the consequences of being caught doing such a thing. 

As life would have it, Luke is an ex-addict that owes his dealer a large sum of money. This dealer is constantly on his neck about his money and threatens him with consequences of what would happen if he didn’t pay. So Cassie and Luke meet up to talk about possibly going through with Cassie’s plan. The movie brings to light the different problems they encounter on the way, in the wake of this arranged marriage.

4. The last letter from your lover

You’re going to thank me for this one. Released in 2021, this Novel turned movie focuses on the interconnected lives and romances of two women living in London at different times. The first, Ellie Haworth, is a journalist in 2003 who comes across a set of love letters while researching the 1960s. The letters tell the story of Jennifer Stirling, the wife of a wealthy industrialist, and her intense affair with a troubled foreign correspondent, Anthony O’Hare. Despite their love, circumstances and social convention conspire to keep them apart as well as a husband who does not take a liking to the affair when he finds out (who would). Using the letters, Ellie tracks down Jennifer and Anthony in 2003, will the lovers reunite after not seeing each other for 40 years, and better still, will they love each other just as much as they did all those years ago? Or will time be the ultimate villain of such a powerful love?

5. The Royal Treatment.

A New York City hairstylist, Izzy, gets to style Prince Thomas due to a mix-up in hair salon identities. Izzy taunts rather than venerates the prince, who is otherwise surrounded by yes-people, and the two become friends. Izzy with her two besties travels to Lavania when Thomas asks Izzy to style his royal wedding hair. Thomas, encouraged by his Butler, visits the slum areas of his kingdom with Izzy,  who wants to get away from the stuffy royal castle.

This supposed slum appears to be a bustling marketplace, with people pushing wheelbarrows and dressed as if ready to break into a traditional folk dance at any minute. During their night out, sparks ignite between the prince and stylist, but they both get a reality check when they return to the palace, where a rich, gaudy American couple has pledged their daughter, Lauren, to marry Thomas. Will the wedding go on as planned, or will they follow their hearts and let love reign supreme?

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