Sam Raimi shares that he wants to bring this classic and fan-favorite Batman villain to the DCU

Chapter 1 of the new DC Universe titled “Gods and Monsters” is actively being cooked up by James Gunn, Peter Safran, and a handful of other people right now, and the positivity and hype around the DCU have never been this great.

Now, Sam Raimi, the popular and accomplished director of the Spider-man trilogy and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, wants to bring a popular Batman villain to the DCU – Ra’s al Ghul. Some people will be wondering; “Haven’t we seen Ra’s al Ghul before with Christopher Nolan’s Batman?” Yes, we have but it was nothing close to being comic-accurate. We didn’t see Talia or Damian, or even see or hear any mention of the Lazarus pit, but yes, he was Ra’s al Ghul in name.

It’s funny Raimi says this because on the list of the movies and series that we are going to see in Chapter 1, The Brave and the Bold is one of them. The movie seems to focus on Bruce and Damian as the protagonists of the show. Raimi’s comments could mean that we might get to see Bruce and Damian go up against Ra’s al Ghul. Or Damian siding with Ra’s first to take down his Bruce before finally joining him. I mean, it only makes sense, the three are all connected in one way or another.


If it was just a Batman movie, the chosen villain that he could go up against could be any one of his original/exclusive villains from the comics. But since this will have both him and Damian starring in the movie (at least that’s what it looks like from the advertised poster for Gods and Monsters) Ra’s al Ghul makes complete sense. 

When talking about casting James Gunn said that Bruce will be a few years older than Superman. So, we’re thinking early or mid-thirties? We don’t know for sure, but time will tell. There hasn’t been any casting yet in terms of the popular DC heroes and villains. The only confirmed castings are the actors who will star in the Creature Commandos animated TV series set for 2024. 

What do you think of Batman and Damian possibly taking on Ra’s al Ghul in The Brave and The Bold movie? Comment down below.