Shadow and Bone Season 2 is here and it promises more exciting drama and action

Alina, Mal, and the gang are back for some more Volcra action, and let’s not forget about General Kirigan, the Darkling himself.

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When Shadow and Bone was initially released, it won over the hearts of millions with its compelling storyline, amazing visuals, and top-notch acting. Well, Season 2 is upon us in a few days, and it looks to be even better than its predecessor. More action, more drama, more twists, and definitely more of the Darkling’s mischief. 

A while after Season 1, we were introduced to some key new characters that people who read the books are quite familiar with. The four characters include Nikolai Lantsov played by Patrick Gibson, Wylan Hendricks played by Jack Wolfe, Tolya Yul-Battar played by Lewis Tan, and Tamar Kir-Battar played by Anna Leong Brophy. The Crows get bigger in Season 2 and fans are nothing but excited for these new characters. 

Here in Season 2, Alina tries to unlock the full potential of her powers by finding the 3 remaining mythical animals that could amplify her powers so that she can be strong enough to take on General Kirigan and his dark army of Shadow monsters. The Crows, as usual, are on some dangerous and exciting mission. Nina Zenik, the heartrender, deals with the consequences of trying to save Matthias from the Grisha by getting him locked up and put on trial. 

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General Kirigan is back from the fold with his new and improved monsters, and he looks like he’s about to wipe out the whole continent. Baghra looks to help Alina and Mal take down her own son. We also get to see some characters from last season dealing with life after the events of the battle in the fold. Characters like Zoya, Fedyor, etc. 

Things are looking great for fans of the Grishaverse right now, and it looks to keep getting better and better as things start to unfold. Shadow and Bone Season 2 releases on the 16th of March and you do not want to miss it for anything. 

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