“Superman: Legacy” casting: David Corenswet is among the top contenders for Superman, and Christian Hoult is also in the conversation for Lex Luthor 

A lot of names are starting to come forth now, and many more will follow in the coming weeks and months, as Superman: Legacy is in early pre-production and casting. There have been a lot of rumors and fan-casting for the Superman role, but we now know that David Corenswet is a top contender for the man of steel.

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Personally, he’s not my best choice and I feel James Gunn can do better, but he isn’t a bad choice either. As I said earlier, he is a top contender. Nothing is set in stone yet, and there are some other top contenders whose names remain anonymous, and I’m curious to know who those are. 

Wolfgang Novogratz has also been on the mind of fans across social media (especially Twitter), but it is not known whether he is just a fan cast or an actual contender. He remains my top pick. Another fan-cast who would be perfect for the role is Jacob Elordi from Euphoria and The Kissing Booth. But it turns out he might not have even submitted an audition yet. He would be a great consideration for James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Word has it that James Gunn is currently eyeing a particular Guardians of the Galaxy actor to play Lex Luthor. If I’m being honest, it’s hard to think of anyone who he could be looking at for the role. But what we do know is that Christian Hoult is being considered for the role too.

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Christian Hoult previously auditioned for the role of Batman in the DCEU. Now, he’s looking to be the villain starring opposite Superman. That’s quite the switch-up. He does look like a good fit for the role too. I want to see what he looks like with a bald head first though. 

More and more actors and actresses contending for multiple roles will start to come up, and I will be here to bring you every last one. Keep checking this space for more updates on the Superman: Legacy movie casting.