Superman: Legacy is now in early pre-production per James Gunn

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The buzz and the hype around Superman: Legacy, written and directed by James Gunn himself, is sky high right now, and James Gunn just fueled the fire even more.

Some might not notice, and some might not remember or even know what today is, but it is the anniversary of Superman’s Character. Clark Kent was introduced to the world on the 18th of April, 1938. James Gunn, being a Superman fan himself, took the opportunity to share some news about his upcoming movie. Superman: Legacy will be the first official movie in the new DCU, and a lot is riding on this. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that James announced that the movie is now in early-pre production.

This includes possible costumes, production design, and more. More than most, if not all characters, a Superman movie needs to be treated with care, and done properly. Especially because we have already had so many Superman movies. To surpass some of the already existing ones you need to give it 2000% and that’s what we trust James Gunn to do. I personally want to see what the suit is going to look like.

But this news isn’t just informing us about pre-production, it could also mean that we might get word of the casting for Superman soon, or at least the actors in the running for the role. A lot of people are eager to see who eventually gets cast. Some are excited, like me, and some are still holding on to the past and ready to show hate to whoever gets cast as Kal’el regardless of how great of a fit the person is.

So far, the casting for Creature Commandos looked amazing and literally perfect. Let’s hope they continue the run and pick the right man for the job. The movie will start shooting scenes in 2024 and will be released in 2025. It’s a long ways away, but if it is to deliver possibly the best Superman movie ever, and kick-start the new DCU, then it would be worth the wait.

Oh, and happy Superman Anniversary!