The Blue Beetle movie trailer just dropped and there isn’t a better time to be a DC fan

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When word spread that there was a Blue Beetle film in the works, the internet erupted and DC fans all over the world were excited and ready to see what they had in store for us with Jaime Reyes. The trailer was released a few hours ago, and oh boy, I’m as excited as when I saw the slate for the new DCU.

Blue Beetle is produced by DC Studios and the Safran Company with Angel Manuel Soto as the director, John Rickard, and Zev Foreman as the producers. The film stars Xolo Maridueña, Adriana Barraza, Damián Alcázar, Elpidia Carrillo, Bruna Marquezine, Raoul Max Trujillo, Susan Sarandon, and George Lopez. You might recognize Xolo Maridueña from Cobra Kai. It’s great to see him take on a role this massive. Blue Beetle, for fans who are comic book faithfuls or even watched some of DCs old and new animated series/movies, is a legacy character and a fan favorite. Just like Booster Gold, they’re not necessarily the strongest but they’re fun to read and watch.

I need to know who the team that handled the CGI is – because those graphics? The suit? THE SUIT! It just feels amazing to see a character we’ve all been reading and watching for years finally come to the big screen for a live-action adaptation. I am personally happy that they didn’t include the mouth in the suit. It looks great the way they did it, and that’s the only noticeable change from the comics and animations.

There is also a lot of buzz around the movie because it is the first movie to cast a Latino as the main character in a superhero/ comic book movie from DC. So, I expect the turnout from the Latino community to be massive, be it DC fans or non-DC fans, superhero fans or not. Honestly, I don’t think you could have cast Jaime Reyes any better. He’s got the skills (both acting and fighting), the comedic nature of Blue Beetle, and of course, he’s Latino. A lot of fans are also excited to see Brazilian actress, Bruna Marquezine, star alongside Xolo.

From what we see in the trailer, Jaime Reyes is a regular Latino kid, with an amazing Latino family, doing his best to make ends meet. He then applies for a job offer that would see his whole family getting hired. But instead of an interview, he meets up with Penny, who hands him a box and tells him to keep and protect the contents of the box but also not open it. Jaime takes it home and is pressured into opening it and sees the Skarab (Blue Beetle) in the burger package. We then see the insanely graphic scene of the suit spreading through his body before the transformation is complete and flying through the roof. 

Long story short, the “owner” of the Skarab is now after Jaime and wants it back (no shit), and throws all of her arsenals at him. At some point, we will also get introduced to Carapax the indestructible man, who says lines that make me believe that his family will be in danger at some point. It is up to Jaime to keep them safe, as well as the world, by making sure the Skarab doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Blue Beetle will be released on the 18th of August 2023. DC fans and even non-DC fans, let’s forget what happened with Black Adam and stop what just recently happened to Shazam: Fury of the Gods from happening to Blue Beetle. It is a damn good movie and we need to make sure he remains part of the DCU’s plan for the future.