The Flash had its world premiere and it lives up to the hype despite the presence of some biased reviews

The Flash movie doesn’t release officially till June 16 but it had its world premiere yesterday, and the first thing I want to tell you is: don’t listen to the internet! 

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Naturally, when movies release there are self-acclaimed “critics” who write reviews filled with nothing but bias to make you feel like not going to see the movie, thereby causing the movie to be a failure. Some of these people (for those of us that know the Twitter movie/series community) are simply haters. We like to call them Snyderbots. Fans who know nothing about comic book heroes and just choose to follow Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against either one of them. I love Henry as The Witcher, and I loved him as Superman but he has no place in this new DCU as Superman. DC has needed a full-on reboot for years. We’ve been a laughing stock to many other comic book universes, and made to look far too inferior to Marvel over the years as they roll out banger movie after banger movie. Zack Snyder and his dark-themed movies including having Superman take Zod’s life amongst many other bland things about the DCEU just didn’t cut it for me.

Some of these “critics” aren’t even Snyderverse fanboys, they’re just full of haters that were itching to release their negative reviews. Do not listen to them. Go and see the movie for yourself and decide. Almost everyone who’s seen it has nothing but the highest praise for the movie. Some say it’s the best DCEU movie of all time, some say it’s top 2, some top 3. People and not just people, but directors and other important people in Hollywood have called the movie a masterpiece.

Some critics, like Screen Rant, are judging the movie based on Ezra Miller’s actions. I am no fan of Ezra Miller, I’ve made it clear a million times. He looks nothing like the Flash, he doesn’t embody the person that Barry Allen is from the comics and is no way near as cool. His actions in his personal life should have him locked up in prison or at least blacklisted for Hollywood movies. But even with that, I’m going to watch The Flash with an open mind, and just enjoy it the best I can. I’ll let the movie decide whether I like it or not, not some external factors surrounding the movie.

So, don’t listen to the negative reviews, the best way to know for yourself is to go watch the movie by yourself and see whether you truly love it or not. Don’t hate-watch, or watch just to nitpick and look for everything single flaw you can find. You might as well not watch the movie. Relax, munch on some popcorn, and enjoy the Flashpoint Paradox ride that Barry Allen is going to take you on come June 16.