The Meg is here and is bigger and deadlier than ever in the sequel movie MEG 2: THE TRENCH

Starring Jason Statham amongst many others, MEG 2: The Trench gives us a first look at what one of the biggest killer animals we’ve ever seen.

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In the opening scenes of the trailer, we see Meg eating dinosaurs from 65 million years ago. Now, all those years later, a team is sent to explore and look into what lies beneath the ocean. Of course, that team has Jason Statham.Only for them to discover massive creatures, and also come face to face with the meg.

Leave it to Jason Statham to put on a show for us every time he graces our screens with his presence. It’s great to see him back for the sequel to the second instalment in the series. We see him go up against the massive shark on his own (classic Jason Statham). It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out. 

How do you defeat a shark the size of a basketball court ? Well, we’re going to find out. Meg 2: The Trench releases on the August 4 in theatres all over the world