The official trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts just dropped and I’ve got two words: Peak Cinema

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Yesterday’s CinemaCon brought us a whole lot of movie teasers and trailers, and we happened to get an official trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts out of it. And somehow, Transformers movies seem to get better and better with every new release because they’ve done it yet again.

When the first teaser was released we got to see a live-action look at Primal, and he looks amazing. We now know that the events of the movie are set in 1994, making it a prequel movie to the many other Transformers movies we’ve gotten in the past over the years. But old is gold as they say, and this movie is one of the few elite-level movies that made us fall in love with the cinemas in the first place. 

The level of consistency with Transformers movies remains mind-blowing to me. How do they get it right EVERY TIME? Even the animated series we got as kids on Cartoon Network had me rushing to turn on the TV the moment I came back from school, and I’m probably going to see this at least twice. 

One of the best parts was seeing Bumblebee in action, and even though he doesn’t have his voice, the one thing you can’t take from him is his ability to lay waste to machine parts with swag. I’m an Optimus fan but Bumblebee is a joy to watch, whenever, wherever. And speaking of Optimus, that voice still gives me chills. We need to be grateful that Peter Cullen is still well enough to voice Optimus. That nerve-wracking deep tone when he says:

“Let them come.” 

No one in cinema commands that level of power, respect, and fear just by uttering words.

But we’re not just here for Optimus or Bumblebee, we’re also here to watch the auto-bots take on their biggest threat to date in the world-devouring Unicron, one of the many Terrorcons led by Scourge. Yes, you read that right – world-devouring. He’s bigger than planets and feeds on them too which only makes sense. The Autobots are not just taking on the Terrorcons but also the Predacons, signifying a massive final fight between the Maximals, joined by the Autobots, and the Terrorcons and Predacons alliance. 

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts releases worldwide at the box office on June 9, and it is my top candidate for the movie of the year (obviously). Be there!