The official trailer of the Little Mermaid is here, and it looks nothing short of peak cinema

The 95th installment of the Oscars brought us more than stunning celebrity looks and awards (shout out to Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett, both great, hard-working, and beautiful women who both deserved the Best Actress award), it gave us the official trailer of Disney’s new upcoming movie, The Little Mermaid.

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I had no doubt in my mind that Halle Bailey was going to put on quite the performance for us, and from the trailer, it looks like she’s going to do just that and even more. From her powerful voice to her sheer beauty, and her acting itself, Halle Bailey is the Ariel the world didn’t know it needed. 

We also got a first look at a live-action Sebastian and Flounder. I love Sebastion already. He had no business violating Flounder like that, lmao.

“She got legs, ya idiot.”

If you watched The Little Mermaid animated movie as a child then you definitely still remember the “Under the sea” song from Sebastian. That song is still stuck in my head today, and it would be great if they actually added it to the movie, but we’ll see. Both Flounder and Sebastian look great, at least as good as what a live-action version of a talking crab and a bird would look like. Sebastian is played by Daveed Diggs, and Flounder is played by Jacob Tremblay.

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We got to see Prince Eric too, and how she classically saves him from drowning. Ursula is played by Melissa McCarthy, I’m excited to see how that plays out. From the cast list, it looks like Simone Ashley also plays a role in the movie as Indira, as well as Awkwafina as Scuffle, and Lorena Andrea (Warrior Nun) as Perla. King Triton looks as “King Triton” as king Triton can get, and is played by Javier Bardem. 

The Little Mermaid will be available in cinemas on the 23rd of May, 2023. Mark the date, this movie has great potential and I expect nothing short of a large turnout to see what Disney and The Little Mermaid have cooked up for us.

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