The Peter Pan & Wendy trailer is great but Tinkerbell just isn’t tinking

The official trailer for Peter Pan & Wendy is here, and it is pretty exciting but there’s a “but”, a but that lots of people are not liking right now.

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Starring Alexander Molony (Peter Pan) and Ever Gabo Anderson (Wendy), the movie looks to have everything any long-time fan of Peter Pan would want. The epic adventures with Pixie dust, Captain Hook being Captain Hook (when he asked for Peter Pan in the trailer, his voice sent a little chill down my spine), pirates, and of course, Neverland. It looks like the movie will be nothing short of amazing, but there is one little problem – Tinkerbell.

I am all for diversity and shaking things up with characters here and there, and God knows I love Yara Shahidi (one and only Zoe Johnson) as much as the next person, but Tinkerbell doesn’t look like she’s tinking. Yara, without a doubt, is going to do an absolutely fantastic job at portraying Tinkerbell, but the problem isn’t because she was cast as Tinkerbell. The problem lies in the lack of creativity that the producers of the show displayed in the representation of Tinkerbell, even though she is black.

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This is the only problem fans all over the world have with the movie. There could have been so much done with her character and look. She could look more colorful, maybe even have blonde hair. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a black woman spotting blonde, gold, or brown hair. And it would’ve looked amazing on Yara too. It seems like they did the bare minimum and just slapped a green fairy dress on her.

Hopefully, it is not too late for them to make a couple of changes. They might also leave it as it is, which is probably what is going to have, but it would be great to see a live-action Tinkerbell that looks like she’s an actual Tinkerbell, like she’s an actual Tinker.

Everything else considered, the movie will be great and people need to still go watch it regardless of what Tinkerbell looks like. It’s going to be a fun one filled with lots of adventure and action.

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