The scene where Miles gets chased by all the other Spider-men took 4 years to complete!

We wondered why the sequel to Into The Spider-verse took so long. Well, we’ve got some answers now.

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The scene in which Miles gets chased by every single Spider-man reportedly took a mind-blowing 4 years to make. And that’s just that scene ALONE! But it’s not surprising, seeing how much detail, and the almost unlimited and uncountable characters that showed up in that scene hunting Miles down. And it all looked absolutely perfect and well done. That’s how you know people who truly love what they do, and put the effort into putting nothing but the best out into the world. So, shout out to the animators – y’all are the real superheroes.

But this could also mean that Spider-man: Beyond The Spider-verse could possibly get delayed. There’s no way they would release the movie, which could also possibly be filled with tasking scenes that take time and are hard to animate, in less than a year. It’s not even a full year till the next release, it’s slightly less.

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Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse was released in 2018 – it’s 2023 now. That’s five years!! Except the animators were already working on Beyond the Spider-verse alongside Across The Spider-verse, there’s no way the movie can be ready in time for March. So, the possibility of the movie being delayed slightly or even significantly is quite high.

But if we are to wait slightly longer to get peak cinema and movie brilliance like Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse, and Across The Spider-verse, then I think we should be more than willing to wait. I’d rather they take their precious time than for them to rush it.

The release date for Beyond The Spider-verse is set for March 24, let’s see if that still holds in the coming months and if Sony can do the movie justice with the little time they have till then.