Top 5 Action Movies to watch on Netflix (2022)

We’re back again, but this time we’ve got some action-packed fun coming your way. Nothing beats a good action movie, but “great” action movies take movie night weekends to a whole new level. Here are some of the top action movies to watch on Netflix right now. You’re going to love these if you haven’t seen them already. And if you have, you probably want to watch them again.

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1. The Gray Man

Ah, this is a personal favorite. The Gray Man, starring Chris Evans (as the bad guy for literally the first time), Ryan Gosling, and Ana De Armas, among others. Six works for the CIA’s Sierra program and is their deadliest agent. During a mission, he finds out about the secrets the agency would kill to keep. Information that had him kill a former fellow Sierra Member, Four.

Now he has a bounty on his head and the people at the top of the agency alongside a former psychopath agent, Lloyd Hansen, will do anything to keep the secrets just as they are. Will Six, with the help of a colleague, Dani Miranda, and his handler Donald Fitzroy be able to stop them? Find out on Netflix’s The Gray Man.


2. The Adam Project

This might be one of Ryan Reynolds’s best movies of all time. The Adam Project follows the adventures of Adam Reed, aged 12, who encounters a mysterious pilot in his garage on a particular night. It turns out that the pilot is, in fact, Adam Reed too but from the future. The older Reed had traveled back in time on a secret mission.

Together, they must find their father, whose death they have yet to come to terms with. A death that shaped them into the kind of man Adam is. But to save the world they first need to find a way to get along with each other because even though they are the same person it turns out that they don’t really like each other.

Interceptor is one of the top action movies to watch on Netflix

3. Interceptor

Captain JJ Collins, who has just been recently demoted -much to her frustration- is left in charge of a nuclear missile interceptor base, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. A coordinated attack is launched on the base and Collins comes face-to-face with Alexander Kessel, a former US military intelligence officer, who wants to carry out an outrageous plan. The interceptor spotlights how she uses all of her experience gained over the years to figure out who she can trust and stop Kessel’s plan dead in its tracks.

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4. Uncharted

If you haven’t seen Uncharted already, you can now on Netflix and it is a must-watch. From its amazing graphics to its well-crafted storyline, Tom Holland, and Mark Walhberg are bound to keep you entertained. Nathan Drake is recruited by Victor Sully to help recover a treasure, lost 500 years ago by the House of Moncada. Nathan only accepts to be a part of the mission because Sully tells him that they might find Nathan’s long-lost brother, who also has an eye for treasure.

What starts as a glorified heist, turns out to be a globe-trotting race to obtain the treasure before Santiago Moncada, who is (for good reason) obsessed with finding the treasure himself. If they can find the needed clues and solve one of the world’s oldest mysteries, they might be able to walk out with $5 billion worth of treasure and maybe even find Nate’s brother. The challenge now, among many others, is finding out how to get along, trust each other, and work together.

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5. Day Shift

The Day Shift is what you get when you have a great mix of comedy and vampire horror. I mean, it’s Jamie Foxx, the man can literally do no wrong. Snoop Dogg also has a couple of cameos in this one. You are guaranteed to have a great time. In a bid to keep his family together and provide for his daughter, a hard-working dad is giving one more chance back into the world of his former career path; hunting and killing vampires.

He encounters many challenges on his way to meeting a financial deadline concerning his daughter and her mother. With the help of Big John (Snoop) and even Jocelyn, Paige’s mum, will he be able to stop one of the oldest, most powerful vampires in his town and save his family?

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