Top 5 Series to Watch on HBO Max 2022

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HBO max, without a doubt, is one of the best streaming platforms on the planet and has been for years now. They have a lot of fantastic shows on their platform, as usual, but when we’re talking about some of the best shows to watch on HBO Max, these names just have to be up there on that list.

1. House Of The Dragon

If you have read my previous article about the best new series to watch in 2022, or any article on any platform about the best new shows to watch in 2022, you probably saw House Of The Dragon. Set about 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, HOTD follows one of the greatest, if not the greatest, civil wars between Rhaenyra Targaryen and Aegon II Targaryen, her half-brother.

A war that was sparked by betrayal and ignorant misinterpretation on the part of her once-best friend, Alicent Hightower. A war that caused the extinction of Dragons themselves before the miracle of Daenerys, the war known as the Dance of the Dragons. Season 1, sets the stage for the war, and gives us a deep dive into how the war came about. If there is any show you should be watching right now, it has to be HOTD.

2. The White Lotus

The White Lotus is such a good show. You know, the kind of shows that have you wondering with anxiety about what is going to happen next. It has lots of comedy to it, but the drama that unfolds with every passing episode is quite exciting to watch. I, for one, hate the fact that I have to wait a week for new episodes. 

The White Lotus is a show that spotlights a select group of guests at a prestigious five-star hotel, the White Lotus, and their experiences while spending their time there. The show highlights just how miserable rich people can get even with all the money in the world. The first season was an absolute gem, and the second is building up to be even better. It is a must-watch right now. No seriously, drop everything you’re watching and get in on it (well…except you’re watching HOTD, you can be excused for that).

3. The Sex Lives Of College Girls

Now, this one is a personal favorite (you can imagine why). The Sex Lives of College Girls is such a great show, it’s not just a show with multiple sexual contents, but a show that highlights the struggles that students face in college. The comedy levels are through the roof and you are guaranteed to have lots of fun watching it. Yh, just don’t watch it when you have a lot of people with you, or in public, lol.

It follows, 4 new college roommates and how they navigate their college experiences and their sexual needs/impulses. Trust me, you’re going to love this one, but you probably already knew that.

4. His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials is a show that has been going on for quite a while even though it has only two seasons, and is about to release its third and final season. It follows Lyra, who, as a result of fate, is destined to free the world from the Magisterium, which is weakening people’s ties to their spirit animals known as daemon’s.

She meets Will Parry, and together they discover just how vast the universe is and that the role they have to play is much bigger than they or anyone thought. It is quite an intriguing and addictive series to watch. 

5. Euphoria

Now, what is this list without including Euphoria. Without argument, one of the best shows that HBO has ever released. 

Euphoria gives us a look into the life of a regular high schooler, Rue, who is struggling with an addiction to drugs, and how she navigates life without her father, whom she recently lost and has had problems getting over. Anything that has Zendaya in it as the lead is an automatic masterclass in my books, as it is for most people. And Euphoria does not fall short of that standard. There are other actors you are going to absolutely love, some because you like them, and some because they feel so good to hate. There are episodes you’re going to want to rewatch, scenes you’re going to want to rewind to, and ultimately you’re probably going to watch the whole thing again. 

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