Top 5 Comedy Movies to watch on Netflix in 2022

When it comes to comedy movie hits, big names like Kevin Hart, Ryan Reynolds, and even Dwayne Johnson come to mind. Well, they are all over this list. These are some of the best comedy movies that are available to watch on Netflix in 2022 right now.

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1. Me Time

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg will have you laughing and disturbing neighbors with this one. Anything that Kevin Hart touches is gold, we all know that. He did not miss with this one either.

Me time about a full-time dad, Sonny, who is on the more serious side when it comes to his personality and his duties as a dad. His long-time best friend, Huck, invites him to his birthday party. Sonny does not want to go initially but is told by everyone around him how much he needed a break and time to himself. But the moment he decides to accept the invitation is the beginning of a roller coaster of a birthday party that puts Sonny in more trouble than he bargained for.

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2. Afterlife Of The Party

Cassie is your regular party girl, who loves to go out, live, and have fun. Sometimes a little too much fun. Her best friend, Lisa, is the mature one in the relationship and the voice of reason. Reasoning that Cassie mostly shuns.

On a perfectly normal night, Cassie, as most people like her tend to do, goes over the top with the partying, drinks, and fun and gets as high and drunk as anyone can get slips in the bathroom, falls head first on the toilet bowl, and dies. But before she can pass on peacefully and fully, she has unfinished business back on earth. Follow Cassie on her crazy but hilarious, and sometimes touching, journey to settle whatever business she has before her time runs out.

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3. Senior Year

If you have seen any movie starring Rebel Wilson, then you know just how much of a comedic legend she is. You just know you’re in for a good time and Senior Year reciprocates that energy. 

A high-school cheerleader, Ruby, falls into a coma before her prom; twenty years later, she awakens and wants to return to high school to reclaim her status and become prom queen. But being 37, and back in high school, might prove to be more challenging than she thought, especially when you have your eyes set on becoming the prom queen.

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4. Red Notice

Ryan Reynolds in a movie alone is guaranteed madness, add Dwayne Johnson to it, and you’re talking double the fun, with Gal Gadot it’s a whole kill squad. Red Notice, upon its release, went down as one of the best Netflix movies of all time. The action-packed intensity, the comedic mastery, and the amazing storyline will leave you wanting to watch it a second time.

When a top Interpol agent is tasked with hunting down the world’s most wanted art thief, they enter a game of cat, mouse, and dog. But things are not really what they seem, and deceit with a touch of cunning are weapons just as dangerous as an assault rifle.

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5. A Perfect Pairing

Victoria Justice and Adam Demos put on great performances in this one. After being betrayed by her best friend and being passed on for a promotion by her horrible boss, she quits and starts her own wine distribution venture.

Her first client, Vaughn family wines, takes her to Australia where she’s willing to risk it all to get her business on track. But when she slowly starts to develop feelings for the cocky boss of the ranch, Max, things start to take an unexpected turn. Will a secret be the end of them or will their love find a way to be victorious in the end?

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