Top 5 movies to watch on Disney+ 2022

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From the new star-studded Disenchanted movie to the fan-favorite Avengers, here are some of the best movies to watch on Disney+ right now, and if we’re being honest, ever.

1. Lightyear

Lightyear is that animated movie the world didn’t know it needed. Have you ever watched a movie that you don’t expect much from and then when it’s done you’re like; Wow! Yeah, Lightyear is one of those. It is an adaptation of a character from the popular Toy Story movie series that focuses on the story of Buzz Lightyear (the world-famous Space Ranger). 

It follows Buzz, a legendary space ranger, as well as countless other operatives and scientists who, while on a mission, become stranded on a planet occupied with hostile bugs and vines as well as a robot army commanded by Zurg. This story is about how Buzz, with the help of a few “rookie rangers” (if you will), finds a way to stop Zurg and get back to earth -in one piece. 

2. Cruella

Now, this? This one was next-level entertainment. Emma Stone put on an absolute stunner of a performance playing Cruella. If you haven’t watched it? You should. And if you have? You need to watch it again. But you probably already knew that.

Cruella follows a young, and talented writer who is set on making a name for herself in the fashion industry, although it might seem like the universe is not interested in that plan for her. She befriends a pair of thieves who love her hunger for mischief, and together they build a life for themselves on the streets of London. But when she meets a narcissistic fashion icon, Baroness von Hellmen, she starts to embrace her wicked side to become the fashionable, revenge-bent Cruella.

3. Disenchanted 

A sequel to the Enchanted movie, Disenchanted is set ten years after her happily ever after, Giselle as well as Robert, and Morgan move to a new house in the suburb of Monroeville. The community is ruled by Malvina Monroe, who has bad intentions for Giselle’s family. When problems arise, Giselle wishes that their lives were the perfect fairy tale. As it usually goes (most times), the spell backfires. This leaves Giselle rushing to save her family and her homeland, the Kingdom of Andalasia before the clock strikes midnight.

4. The Greatest Showman

A blast into the not-so-distant past, The Greatest Showman might be one of the best musical movies of all time, and I am a HSM Gabriella and Troy fan too. But the Greatest Showman just had it all and perfectly delivered every song, choreography, and dialogue. 

Based on the true life story, of an orphaned, and poor, but ambitious, Phineas Taylor Barnum, the Greatest Showman follows the son of a tailor who opens a wax museum but later shifts his attention to the unique and peculiar people shunned and shamed by society, introducing extraordinary, never-seen-before live acts on the circus stage. 

The show starts to thrive and so do Barnum and his family. But he gambles everything on the opera singer, Jenny Lind, to appeal to a high-brow audience, and loses sight of his family and the people that he had accomplished so much with. Will he realize what truly matters before it is too late or will he completely lose himself and everything he has built altogether?

5. Avengers: Endgame

Known as probably the greatest superhero movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame was nothing short of spectacular and mind-blowing. I could watch this over and over and over again. 

Set after the victory of the mad titan, Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. The Avengers must put on their suits, possibly for the last time, for one final mission: to go back into the past and undo the devastation that Thanos brought to Earth and the universe at large when he wiped out half the population of all life.

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