Top 5 New Series to Watch in 2022 (HBO Max, Prime Video, Netflix)

2022 has brought us TV series enthusiasts so many amazing shows throughout the year. From romance-drama down to epic fantasy. There were a lot of good shows, and a few bad ones that were hard to even watch all the way through but there are some that just stand out, and for good reason too. You’ll see what I mean, shows like these are the ones you have high expectations for and deliver way more than you expect.

Let’s get into our definitive list of the top new series to watch in 2022. The list spans productions across Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video.

Top 5 New Series to watch on Netflix in 2022

1. House Of The Dragon

First on the list, and definitely, the best of the lot, is House of the Dragon. DRACARYS! So goes the popular roar we loved hearing from Daenerys, the mother of dragons herself. Well, if you liked any bit of Game of Thrones, you’re going to love House of the Dragon even more. With amazing characters that are well-developed throughout the show’s first season, characters you can really connect to, and graphics that leave your mouth watering, HOTD is the show you should be watching. That is if you haven’t watched it already.

HOTD is set about 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. It records the events of the popular “Dance of the dragons” written by George RR Martin. The war between the Blacks and the Greens. Viserys Targaryen, the king of the Seven kingdoms has been in need of a male heir to wear the crown after he is gone, but has been unlucky in terms of the children of his wife, Aema. Daemon, his younger brother, is the only male candidate since he has no son, but he chooses to name his daughter, Rhaenyra as his heir.

Rhaenyra and Alicent start off as best friends, practically sisters. But Alicent’s cunning father begins to influence Alicent negatively. They start to grow apart when Alicent finds out that Rhaenyra was sleeping with her knight, Ser Christian but lies to her that she didn’t. A couple of years down the line and the resentment is even stronger from Alicent. Season 1 is generally centered around all the events that led to “Dance of the Dragons”, the war between the Blacks, Rhaenyra, her family, her bannermen, and the Greens, Aegon II, Alicent, and her father, Otto. There’s a lot of Dragon action in this one that you do not want to miss.

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2. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings Of Power

For those of you familiar with the earlier movie installments of the Lord of the rings, this one will do everything but disappoint you. It might not have all the characters that you knew and loved but it has characters you will learn to love, and some you will definitely hate. The events of LOTR: The Rings Of Power are set centuries before and of the previous LOTR movies.

Galadriel, the commander of the Northern armies, sets out on a mission to kill Sauron as revenge for the death of her older brother but finds nothing in all her years of search. On her return to Middle Earth, she is sent to Valinor as a reward for her contribution to the Elves. She is furious at her long-time friend Elrond for taking part in this decision and tells him that Sauron is still out there.

When the boat that set out for Valinor comes close to the gate, she jumps off, knowing her job was not done. Almost simultaneously a man drops to earth from the sky and is surrounded by fire. A Harfoot known as Nori, is curious and goes on to see if he lives, when he touches her, the wind and fire around the start to pick up, and he suddenly faints. 

These events are the setting stones for the build-up of the whole season and the future war against Sauron. It’s full of ups and downs and twists that will leave your Jaws agape.

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3. The Sandman

If I am being honest, I didn’t expect this show to be as great as it was. Intriguing storyline, exciting characters, and graphics as good as any high-end movie you have watched, the Sandman was just fantastic. It follows, Dream, one of the many ” gods”, if you will. Who is trapped by a man, and loses his powers for decades before he finally finds a way to escape, and a Rose Walker, known amongst a few elite as what they call the “vortex”.

On his return to his realm, he finds out that things are not as he left them. His kingdom was left in ruins due to his lack of presence. The show follows Dream’s journey to recover all of the items responsible for his power, and how Rose, as a Dream Vortex, could be his downfall. Will the plot of Dream’s evil siblings be his demise or will he find a way to come out on top?

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4. The Summer I Turned Pretty

Now we can’t be all  Action and fantasy, we have to give the romance-drama genre its flowers. The Summer I Turned Pretty is the kind of teenage drama show you want to watch and rewatch again. I, myself, am probably going to watch it a third time. Yes, it’s that good. It follows Belly, her brother Steven, and two of her childhood friends, Jeremiah and Conrad Fisher. These four, since they could tell right from wrong, have shared a particular beach house during summertime.

A time they all look forward to because of all the fun memories and activities they make together. Now they are teenagers and for a while now, Belly has had a crush on Conrad. So this summer, they meet up again as usual and Belly is on a mission to get Conrad to notice her. Conrad, on the other hand, is your typical high school bad boy, who drinks, smokes, has a girlfriend, you know, the usual. Conrad this summer is a little distant and appears sad, most of the time, but slowly he starts to develop feelings for Belly too.

Belly, on the other hand, is making new friends and eventually gets a boyfriend which she breaks up with eventually. Things take a rather crazy twist from here on out. Will Belly and Conrad finally get together or will the weight of the things Conrad has been keeping to himself cost him the girl he loves?

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5. The Peripheral

Now The Peripheral is not your regular show, it is set in the future where technology has altered society. Where Flynne and her brother, Burton, live, jobs outside the drug business are rare. Fortunately, Burton has his veteran’s benefits, for neural damage he suffered from implants during his time in the USMC’s elite Haptic Recon force. Then one night Burton has to go out, but there’s a job he’s supposed to do – a job Flynne didn’t know he had. Beta-testing part of a new game, he tells her. He’s offering Flynne a good price to take over for him. But when she does, she discovers a secret connection between an alternative reality and her dark future.

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