Top 5 Series to watch on Netflix 2023

Netflix might be receiving a lot of hate for its cancellation habits right now, but it does not take away the fact that there are some insanely good shows that you need to watch on the streaming platform this 2023.

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1. Ginny and Georgia 

Ginny and Georgia is, no doubt, one of the best drama series on the planet. I mean, how can you not fall in love with everything about the show? Not only is the storyline captivating, but it is also one that people across can relate to, in terms of their own lives, in so many ways. 

Season 2 brought us more intense drama and some really close calls. But Ginny and Georgia are strong women who, despite everything that has been brought to light, know that they can count on each other. Will they overcome their obstacles and best their troubles or will the past, and quite possibly the present, turn their lives upside down?

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2. Outer Banks 

John B, Sarah, Pope, Kiara, JJ, and Cleo have some more mischievous adventures in store for us in Season 3. It picks up from where we left off in season 2, with Pogues stranded on an island trying to survive and find a way out. But Ward, even in his bed-ridden state, still has all of their gold. They must find a way to locate the Camerons and steal back what is rightfully theirs.

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3. Queen Charlotte: a Bridgeton story 

Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton story follows the life of young princess Charlotte and how she found love. It is a prequel to the Bridgerton series and is set a couple of decades from the present Bridgerton timeline. If the amazing storytelling and exhilarating drama of Bridgerton is anything to go by, then this prequel series might be all of that and so much more.

I am personally excited to see young princess Charlotte and lady Danbury in their element, you should be too. Those two know how to put on a show.

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4. Shadow and Bone 

Shadow and Bone season 2 follows Alina Starkov and Mal, fresh from their confrontation with General kirigan. There are some new faces added to the ranks of the crows too, which will be exciting to see, to say the least. Of course, some more romance here and there but I’m sure we can expect just as much, or maybe even more, action as the first season brought to us. But all things considered, Shadow and Bone season 2 will be nothing but entertaining.

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5. Sex Education 

It has been a while since we saw Otis and Ruby (yes I am a Rotis stan, nobody cares about Maeve anymore) grace our lovely screens. There is not much we know about the next season of the series or the release date but it was given the go-ahead for Season 4 in 2021. What we do know is that it began production in August.

We might start to hear some news here and there throughout the year and get a possible release date towards the end of the year. But one thing Sex Education never does is disappoint. So be on the lookout for more news on Season 4.

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